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Changing of the Guard 04/05

Photographs from 2004-05 New Years run by Zack Smith

1 Japan, Feb. 2005

3 Bonnaroo 6.15.03

4 Colorado Tour 10.1-4.03

The Slip Invade the Rockies Photos by Zack

4 Late Summer 2004

Photos by Jon Bahr

5 Various Slip shows on Planet Earth

6 Surprise Me Mr. Davis

Photos by Jon Bahr

7 Surprise Me Mr. Davis Photography by Zack Smith

8 The Liquid Room | Japan 1.13.02

brad's images

Knitting Factory 12.26.03

Photography by Jon Bahr

Performance Art by J Garcia

Visit J on the web.

Publicity Artwork

by Pedini, Kerrigan, Distante

Red Hook - Portsmouth, NH

Photography by Jon Bahr

Zack Smith

More photography by Zack